The Company

Cleopatra Shipping Agency is a highly integrated ship management company combining the best aspects of traditional Greek ship management philosophy with 21st century marine practices and technology.

At no time in history has the business of ship management become so complicated, regulated, and litigious. Yet big management companies provide a “cookie cutter” approach to ship management, treating the vessel like a commodity, and hiding behind their big size to supposedly offer competent crew, strict budgets, and adequate technical management, when often, the opposite is the case in terms of ship condition, regulatory issues, and unbudgeted expenses. Big is not necessarily better in our industry. While big management firms have potentially more resources, their own financial agenda usually takes priority over any ship issues, bringing the very complex business of ship management down to a numbers game of how many ships a superintendent can handle rather than assesing what kind of personnel and attention a particular ship needs depending on its condition, age, trading patterns, and trading area.


Unlike the big ship management companies, we treat each and every client like friends and family, where individual clients’ needs and concerns are addressed as if they were our own. Clients have their own direct access to information ranging from accounting to technical to operational issues, and that information is constantly updated.  More importantly, the phone is always available to discuss any shipping issues as needed.

If you are looking for personalized service the way service “used to be”, we stand ready to work with you to help you in your ship management needs.


Cleopatra is based in Piraeus, Greece with capabilities in operations, technical, financial, and crew matters for those clients primarily interested in dry cargo shipping.

We have affiliates in North America who can provide chartering, commercial, and insurance services who allow us to keep in touch with our managed vessels and clients on a 24/7 basis wherever they may be.


Our vision is to be a leader in quality ship management while never abandoning the importance of personalized service.


To assist our clients in making the best decisions possible in terms of maximizing their shipping investment while adhering to sound principles of seamanship, safety, and environmental responsibility.


rope1) Maintaining the highest ethical standards with all entities we come into contact with including our clients, crews, charterers, and suppliers.
2) Constantly assessing the quality of the job we do to ensure continuous improvement in all areas of the business we operate in.
3) Ensuring that we leave a sound and responsible environmental imprint with the ships we operate.
4) Ensure that our company attitude and values extend to a safe and comfortable working environment on board the ships we manage.


Cleopatra has been in business for a quarter century, but can trace its roots back to the 19th century as our ancestors established themselves on sailing ships which plied the waters of the Black Sea and Mediterranean. As such, the company counts on employees who have grown up and in the business. One of our great strengths is the depth of knowledge and tradition that they carry. For us, shipping is not a job but a vocation.